Ibanez JS2400 Red

The first 24-fret neck is Satch’s newest adventure in the JS guitar line.

DiMarzio® Pickups & 24 fret
The first 24-fret fingerboard JS model is Joe Satriani’s newest adventure in guitars and includes his favorite DiMarzio® pickups.

JS/Edge Tremolo
The legendary, original Edge tremolo bridge is back, always Joe’s favorite in feel and tone.

High-pass Filter (JS2400)
A high pass filter on JS2400 volume pots maintains highs at low volumes and a push/pull coil tap adds sound and tonal variations for both pickups.

Ibanez JS-2400 Specifications
type 1pc JS Maple neck
Basswood body
W/6105 frets
Edge bridge
DiMarzio® Pro Track™ (H) neck pu
DiMarzio® Mo’ Joe™ (H) bridge pu
hardware color: Chrome
>Scale: 648mm/25.5″
Radius: 250mmR


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