Have you ever tried an instrument and instantly felt like “”That’s it!””? Ibanez’s JS2400 is one of those. Superb in almost every way, JS2400 will surely make you a happy owner giving you the best value for money.
Feature-wise this guitar is perfect! There is no need to add or remove anything, and that is quite an achievement by Ibanez, considering that it’s quite hard to please every musician’s desire, in order to grade an instrument such as JS2400 with such a high score when it comes to guitar features. That means that Ibanez has constructed more or less a guitar with perfect features, so if you decide to buy JS2400 you will be more than happy with it.
Top quality guitars are easy to recognize, and JS2400 is surely one of those, and you can tell that by the first glance at it. The finish is great, and it’s not surprising, taken into the account that Ibanez is an experienced guitar manufacturer with long tradition in building great guitars. JS2400 is set up for playing right out of the box, but if you wish to adjust it, it’s not a problem at all. Whatever changes you want to make, it will keep its redefined shape because the hardware is solid, and yet easily adjustable.
Have no doubts that Ibanez’s JS2400 will serve you well in studio as well as on stage. Take good care of it, and JS2400 will endure traveling, temperature changes; nothing can harm its beautiful looks or functionality. Ibanez is a company that makes reliable and durable instruments, and JS2400 is another one that has just those characteristics Ibanez’s guitars are known to have.


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