Ibanez JS2400 Joe Satriani Signature News: Ibanez and Joe Satriani have built some of the best-sounding, most playable and beautiful signature model guitars around and the brand new JS2400-WH model is no different.

Ibanez JS2400-WH Electric Guitar

The JS2400 has been designed to incorperate all the best bits of other “JS” models with a few interesting changes too. The classic Basswood body has been fitted with a 1-piece JS maple with Dunlop W/6105 frets which make this guitar super-smooth to play. It has the Edge bridge, all the better for performing screaming divebombs. This pickups are different to the other models.

The JS2400 Satriani model is fuelled by a DiMarzio Pro Track mini-humbucker in the neck position and a Dimarzio Mo’ Joe humbucker in the bridge, both of which will make sure you attain tone to rival Satch himself… With chrome hardware and in a pearly white finish to accentuate it’s curves, the JS2400 Joe Satriani Signature model is a seriously beautiful guitar.


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