Ibanez JS2400 Orange

JS – Joe Satriani
Maestro Joe Satriani’s jaw-dropping skill on the guitar is matched only by the sheer beauty and artistry of his Signature instruments. Created in collaboration with Satch himself, these models are indeed an extension of his playing: finely nuanced yet capable of staggering heights of musicality.

Ibanez JS2400 Joe Satriani Signature Electric Guitar Features:
While Joe’s favorite DiMarzio Pro-TrackTM (H) neck pickup has warmth along with power, The Mo’ JoeTM (H) bridge pickup is all about tone and definition – its name says it all. It packs plenty of power but doesn’t sacrifice clarity or dynamics.
The first 24-fret neck is Satch’s newest adventure in the JS guitar line.
The legendary Edge tremolo bridge for JS2400, always Joe’s favorite in feel and tone.


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