Ibanez have just posted this video on their Official YouTube Channel to coincide with the release of the Ibanez JS2400 at Winter NAMM 2010. Joe explains how Ibanez worked with him to create a cutaway that was aesthetically pleasing but gave complete access to the 24th fret and how he worked with Steve Blucher and Larry DiMarzio to select a single coil sized Humbucker that would retain the tonal qualities of the JS Series and compliment the Mo Joe. The Pickup that Joe and the Dimarzio guys selected was the Pro Track which as you can hear from the demo above actually sounds very much like a DiMarzio PAF Joe, at least when Joe plays it it does!

I think the single coil and the extended cutaway give the guitar a very different look but it also retains the smooth curves of the JS which make it so unique in the current Ibanez product line, I think these guitars are going to literally fly off the shelves. Personally, I’m happy with my 22 fret JS, which Guthrie Govan refers to as a “grown ups guitar”, but like Guthrie I do have a 24 fret guitar that I can turn to should I wish to regress.



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