JS2400 is one of the longest anticipated guitars in recent decades. In times when guitar players are massively switching over to 24, 27 and 20-what-not fret guitars, seven, eight and more stirngs, Satch stays faithful to 22-fret six-stringers. But, for his fans who prefer 24-fret guitars, Ibanez and Joe developed JS2400, a solid double-cut with 24 frets. It has a body made of basswood and neck made of maple. Body features JS signature carvings on the top and it`s equipped with a bolt-on joint. Edge III trem is fronted with a regular bridge humbucker and a rail humbucker in the neck. Pickups are made by DiMarzio. Maple neck is equipped with JS contour in the back and 24-fret rosewood fingerboard on top.


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