I will have to take pictures for joe satriani ibanez js2400 to all these parts individually to settle this.

Like I said, joe satriani ibanez js2400 came out of the store the way you see it.

Why would I change the pickups and the knobs on a BRAND NEW joe satriani ibanez js2400 guitar???

For the interested buyers, I have perfect e.B.a.y feedback as well.

Maybe joe satriani js2400 was a custom order by somebody else and the guy changed his mind?? I got it brand new from the store with the tags and all that. Long and McQuade in Canada doesn’t sell used as new joe satriani js2400 guitars.

The most likely scenario is that the store changed out the items on a new guitar (for whatever reason) and then you bought it. You have a very nice example, however it is not 100% original.



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