The JS2400, introduced in 2010, was a revolution in the Ibanez JS series history. Indeed, it was the first JS guitar to have 24 frets, hence its name. Compared to a JS1200 the body was thinner and Ibanez engineers also cropped the neck humbucker to reach the 24 frets. By doing so, it allowed an easy access to upper notes for the guitar player. We may think that the neck pickup would be single coil? Ibanez engineers found a trick, they put the DiMarzio Pro Track, a single-coil size humbucker, to the neck position. This pickup delivered some stratty vintage sounds but was very powerful at the same time and admitted no unwanted noises because of its humbucker coil. “I’ve always liked the idea of having those frets up there but I never wanted to move the humbucking pickup. That’s always been the problem because the humbucking neck pickup really only works where Gibson stuck it on the Les Paul. To me, that’s the spot, and once you start moving it back towards the bridge it starts to become horrible-sounding.” Joe Satriani.  Joe introduced the DiMarzio Mo Joe pickup for the very first time with the JS2400. It was the evolution of the FRED. 2010 was also the year when Joe tuned all his guitars one half-step down and that was a reason why he was looking for pickups suited to new tone ranges. Since the JS2400, Joe started to use the original Edge tremolo for all his prestige signature models and the Ultralite Tremolo Arm have featured since 2013. The 2400‘s body was made of basswood. The JS prestige neck shape changed slightly compared to the JS1200 from that year in order to be a little bit thinner. It was, as usual, made of maple with a rosewood fingerboard, had abalone dots and 6105 frets on it.


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