If you’re not too familiar with setting up a Floyd Rose tremelo, I suggest you definitely take this ibanez js2400 price¬†guitar in to have a professional set up done. This type of ¬†ibanez js2400 price bridge system is notorious for being very tempermental, and if not set up correctly could not only harm the guitar, but bring loads of unwanted frustration to your doorstep. Aside from that, it’s got locking tuners at the nut that keep it locked in tune despite going overboard with the whammy bar…you can pull up well over a fifth!

ibanez js2400 price with case – LIKE NEW – MINT

Original (not the reissue) ibanez js2400 price Floral Pattern from 1998 in like new MINT condition. ONLY played for 20 times if that.

Comes with Ibanez UV1000 Original Deluxe Hardshell case.

– PAF Pro pickups

– 24 NEW frets

– green vine inalys

– basswood body and real fabric top

– lo-pro tremolo (the best in the world)

– gotoh tuners


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