Up for sale is this unbelievable ibanez js2400-wh guitar in floral fabric. Those who are familiar with this ibanez js2400-wh guitar would know that this model comes with different floral patterns but there is one or two which are very common.

The ibanez js2400 seemed like in the 1980′s, a thousand different guitar companies introduced a million different guitars for rock guitarists. Now, most of those guitars (and indeed many of the companies) are history, yet the ibanez js2400-wh guitars have remained as popular and as exciting as ever, a lasting testament to their imagination, practicality, craftsmanship and design. It is a ibanez js2400-wh guitar designed by Steve Vai, to be the ultimate guitar for his personal tastes and idiosyncrasies, and it seems that guitar players all over the world agree that it is the ultimate rock guitar, blending the best features of historical favorites with visionary advancements.



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