Ibanez Guitars JS2400

Maestro Joe Satriani’s jaw-dropping skill on the guitar is only matched by the sheer beauty and artistry of his Signature instruments. Created in collaboration with Satch himself, these models are indeed an extension of his playing: finely nuanced yet capable of staggering heights of musicality

neck type 1pc JS Maple neck
body Basswood body
fret W/6105 frets
bridge Edge bridge
neck pu DiMarzio® Pro Track™ (H) neck pu
bridge pu DiMarzio® Mo’ Joe™ (H) bridge pu
hardware color Chrome

Neck Dimension
Scale 648mm/25.5″
a : Width at Nut 42mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c: Thickness at 1st 20mm
d : Thickness at 12th 22.3mm
Radius 250mmR


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