After years of tweaking, Joe Satriani and Ibanez finally release the 24 fret JS. Many times I’ve heard “I’d just love to buy a JS but I only play 2 octave guitars!!”. That is no longer an obstacle. Using a single coil sized humbucker to keep the coils as close to the octave node as possible, this guitar still has classic looks. At first I was a little skeptical about how it would look without a mounting ring, mated with the ring mounted bridge pickup, but it has grown on me fast and looks natural. Continuing the stampeding return of the Original EDGE, all the Japanese JS’s will get the Original EDGE. To keep it classy, white pickups and chrome hardware give it a seemless look, but unfortunately a black head was chosen instead of the color matched. Guitars can be converted to Lo Pro Edge for an upcharge if the customer desires.

2010 – The heel width [last fret] returns to the old 56mm standard. 2005-2009 had seen the heel width at 58mm.


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