Essai Ibanez JS2400

I had already tested it when it came out a few months ago. I had been strongly impressed and I had placed the JS2400 in pole position of the instruments to buy as soon as possible. Time went by … I was a very lucky guy but I won’t tell you why … Anyway I have mine today and I will show it to you through a a few demos and videos, as usual !

To begin with, and I am not ashamed of it, it is the purity of its full curves that caught my attention. This guitar is totally unadorned… it is not covered with knobs and only two mikes are visible… Obviously, « physically », the JS 2400 is not a jazz guitar : It is very small with a super light body and consequently, very easy to hold and handle, almost no period of adaptation is needed. If you were really born on the Rock planet, you will feel immediately at home with it in hand, but don’t be mistaken, if the JS 2400 seems to have been made for Joe Satriani, its universe is not limited to Satriani’s … And its apparent simplicity conceals multiple sound opportunities.


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