Ibanez js 2400 Ebay

For most modern guitarists, the neck pickup is very important. Joe didn’t want to lose that humbucker tone quality and still get as close to the neck as possible. The DiMarzio Pro Track is specially voiced to give Joe a throaty Hendrix tone with enough tone to take the place of a humbucker—it’s very close to a PAF Joe that he uses in the JS1200 Signature guitar. The Pro Mark balances well with the DiMarzio Mo’ Joe humbucker in the bridge position.

DiMarzio Mo’ Joe humbucker

Joe Satriani has used FRED as his main bridge pickup for years. In 2005, Joe asked DiMarzio for a hotter and bigger version to replace the FRED in his Ibanez guitars. The new model called the Mo’ Joe is all about tone and definition. Its name says it all. It has more power than FRED but it doesn’t sacrifice clarity or dynamics. Additionally, all the harmonics that made FRED so good are all there ready to jump out at the touch of a guitar pick. Having more output makes the Mo’ Joe a perfect match for the Pro Mark in the neck position. The combination delivers great versatility and control from rhythms to solos.

For an expanded tonal palette the Ibanez JS2400 electric guitar includes a push-pull hi-pass filter on the volume control to emphasize screaming high frequencies while the tone control offer coil-spltting for the Mo’ Joe humbucker.


Basswood body

Bolt-on maple neck

Rosewood fretboard

24 tall, narrow 6105 frets

25-1/2″ scale

JS Prestige neck shape

9.8″ fretboard radius

1.65″ nut width

DiMarzio Mo’ Joe bridge humbucker with Alnico V magnets

DiMarzio Pro Track hum-cancelling neck pickup

Edge double-locking trem bridge

One volume with push-pull hi-pass filter switch

One tone with push-pull coil-splitting switch

3-way toggle pickup selector switch

Die-cast tuners

Chrome hardware


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